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Everyone has a cause they support, I have my own as well, I fight for young women and children, their rights, their privileges, their respect, nothing else matters to me, yes, animals and birds should be treated well, but I hate it when I hear dogs being treated better than women.

I sense that I am being heard, Osovo is my platform, my voice is spreading to the many listeners, thousands of them, keeping a close eye on the download stats makes me blush right now, we care so much about you here.

It's about you and me here, my feelings, my thoughts, your feelings, your moments. It doesn't hurt being true to your inner voice, feelings are most important, I'm really opening up on this post, feels a sense of excitement, relief as well, the inner me is being seen, I stand bare in front of you, let the world see me for who I am, not what they want me to be.

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Kalpana Kalpana
It's really great to hear you support women and young children and am working in the same direction to be a helping hand to women who are helpless and children who are stressed from pressure of teachers and parents.I was in a helpless position few years back my emotional pain couldn't come down as I didn't prefer to share it.I was strong enough to fight for myself but not all women can so took up this course and other cause were my students.Many students commit suicide for unbearable stress they face on failing by taking challenges beyond their capacity.

Sheila Sheila
Very good Sir that you support for the good cause of women and children.
I am more concerned on the poor and the needy people. I even see to it that they get proper attention and care in office. I see that they are not ill treated. Give them possible support and cheer them in their work.
Some time back, before joining this course, I had a deep concern on the lonely people. I feel like talking to them or sending them some mails and jokes and something to make them happy in a day.
This deep concern on lonely people made me to think of my ministry to such a people. Recently I went to a hospital to see my relative. Then, I could realise that there is no one to be with few people who are sick. Then, I thought that so many youngsters are jobless. Why can't we form a society and get the bio data of such youngsters and whoever is in need of an attendant at hospital, we can divert the unemployed boys to them, so that they also earn some money and same time, the sick people is also not left alone, when their family member has to go to office etc and cant take leave to be with the patient the whole day. Just a thought came to me.

Dolphi Dolphi
It pains me to read in the papers everyday about he atrocities against women. Unless we respect, care and protect our women and vulnerable people, we cannot claim to be a civilized society.

Harpreet Harpreet
It is nice to read that every one has there own cause to support. For me i want to work for cancer patients, not only counseling them but also donating some money for their treatment. For many years i was associated with Indian Cancer Society and did Voluntary work for 4 years.

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