A Good Movie Scene

One good scene in a blockbuster movie comes from 'Titanic' where the female character (Rose) is standing at the head of the ship with the male character (Jack) right behind her with his hands cupping her waist. Then comes the real killer scene, she turns behind and kisses him. Their first kiss!

Your heart starts beating a bit quicker when you watch cuddling or kissing scenes on TV or in a movie at the theaters. Human beings find a couple walking hand in hand down a street in Paris cute. We tend to love reading love stories or romantic novels because we like the feeling we feel inside whenever a spicy, romantic part of the book unveils itself as we read on with unflinching eyes.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Love is the secret of survival. Of course, when true love is extended, it touches our inner soul, because all beings crave for true love. Love can touch one's soul. Let us sow the seeds of love & create a new society with no hatred & violence.

Harpreet Harpreet
I always call myself romantic at heart and once in a while when i just want to relax i read novels by Nicholas Spark. His novels touch a chord in my heart and i love the feeling it creates in me.

Vinay Vinay
Love is the essence of life. If one is not loved by anyone, he doesn't find the life worth living. Love is eternal. Love is also contagious. Love gives hope for one to live. It motivates; it inspires.

Soosamma Soosamma
Everyone is crazy about love. Living caring and sharing is the essence of life.

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