A Little List

Spend some time jotting down a little list of some good habits you want to inculcate into your daily life. Then put those habits into action every single day. Then just sit back and watch the magic take over as your life turns into a more fulfilling and satisfying one over the course of the next few weeks and months.

A few words of caution though, don't expect miracles to happen here. Neither should you expect changes to happen overnight. Be patient and spend atleast 15 minutes a day per good habit and simply let the forces of nature take over thereafter.

I simply love you for being here and for subliminally trying to make listening to my audio books a long term habit in your life. Remember, all it takes to make this happen is just to listen to a few of my posts for 15 odd minutes a day (at any time during the day) and you will have paved the way for a better and more fulfilling life for you.

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Gomathi Gomathi
We are doing it Sir, indeed life has now become more relaxed & peaceful, & sure Osovo is playing it's role in molding us into fine structure. We don't expect for the miracle to happen just in days, but we highly believe miracles will happen in future when we still maintain the same integrity as we are in Osovo. Thank you.

Harpreet Harpreet
Well said Sir. Any healthy habit can be inculcated if we spend some time on it every day and have the patience to wait for the good habits to take form. Just like spending some time on Osovo every day to get our daily dose of positivity has become a habit and its rewards are immense.

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