A Lovely Time Of Day

There are a few kids cycling on the empty roads below, while few more of them are playing in the community park near where I stay, their mothers chat away while sitting on the wooden benches, and a rickshaw (or two) pass by so slowly on this picturesque Autumn's day.

Many sips of drinking water, a glass of fresh Coconut Water, a fresh fruit salad, followed by a hot cup of fine Darjeeling Tea, dreaming about the social gatherings planned during the upcoming Diwali holidays, the days full of nothing to do all measure up to what will be another great year's end for most of us around the world.

It feels really good to sit here next to my large bedroom window with the birds chirping outside, the sea breeze coming through as I relax and record this one for you.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Sir the way you narrate the scene with all minute details we can visualize and feel it without experiencing such a scene.

Harpreet Harpreet
Thank you Sir for making us part of this lovely time by describing it so well. Every post like this is the reminder to enjoy the present moment and be in it totally.

Gomathi Gomathi
We are running short of words to appreciate the great words of Osovo posts. Words are powerful, for it takes us into another world of bliss, & sure life at every moment is a blessing. Thank you Sir, for making us realize this phenomenon.

Vinay Vinay
Kalpana is right sir.
With the minute details that you give about the nature, one can actually visualise the whole scene and get the feeling out of it.

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