A Moment Of Trance

There is a great degree of beauty present inside our bedroom right now as I create this post for you on Osovo. The soothing fragrance of the Cinnamon and Sandalwood Incense sticks burning quietly in the background, the soft Piano music playing on my rechargeable speakers, the yummy taste of the fine Darjeeling Tea as I partake sip after sip after sip...

Present moments can be filled with calm, tranquility, relaxation and inner joy if you want it to. It's purely in your hands. Not in mine, or anyone else's. Right now, I'm just slipping into a delightfully relaxing trance out of which I might not come out for another 30 odd minutes.

It's moments like these that I wish to last forever. Then I remember that they can since it's purely in my hands to live in the present moments and do what I want to during the same.

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Harpreet Harpreet
Sir your moment of trance is rubbing on me. You rightly said that it is purely in our hands to make each moment calm, relaxing and serene. We are also learning to make our present moments delightfully relaxing by incorporating few of the tips shared on Osovo.

Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, the moment of calmness is spreading here too, thank you for this serene atmosphere. How happy to make the 'now' is solely in our hands?? Sir, you are taking us to the world of just 'now' always, thank you.

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