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Each human being must have a dream, something to look forward to, some major goals in different areas of their lives, we must teach ourselves first and then our children that we must have dreams.

Then after the importance of having a dream and goals is shared. Perhaps we can then move onto the all important aspect of it all. Living the dream, you know, actually making a plan, then following through with it as per that particular plan.

Years ago, 18 years ago to be exact, I had a plan to register 1000 students for my soft skills courses. After almost a year of trying to fulfill my incredible plan, I was almost broke and feeling hopeless. My plan had failed miserably. Or so I thought.

However, due to my Mother and a close friend that I met in Goa while on a holiday, I decided to stick with my plan and keep on moving forward. The dream remained the same, but the plan was reworked completely, then I once again took tiny steps forward each day, in less than 2 years I had my first 1000 students registered.

Mind you, not all of them paid the full fees. But that didn't matter much because it gave me the impetus I needed to keep on working on that plan every single day. In every area of my life, I've made similar plans, some people might call me a planoholic, but I've realized that having plans for the major areas of my life has given me a strong purpose to live, to wake up with a kick in my stride each morning, to live my dreams every moment.

It has helped me enjoy each moment to the fullest because part of my plan is to cherish each moment, for it will soon pass, as it always does, as this very moment will, right now.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Perfect Sir. As you said earlier, "Failing to plan is planning to fail", to move forward, we need a plan. Also to keep ourselves engaged, we need a solid plan, so being palnoholic will definitely make every now moments happier.

Harpreet Harpreet
Yes i totally believe in the beauty of dreams and at the same planning and taking actions to make our dreams the reality other wise they just remain a wishful thinking. Every day moving forward doing things according to our plan to pursue our dreams.

Kalpana Kalpana
I always loved to have an institute of mine sir,I had been planning from 4 years but we were moving from one city to other because of my husband's job.Getting a job for me was never difficult as I am in teaching line.Even this year we were not sure of living in Hyderabad till last week .Now nothing can stop me as am planning for a online ,where ever I go I can still continue

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