A Restful Day


The relaxing Afternoon has passed us by, now it's the wonderful evening, will it be full of action on Osovo, plentiful dose of learning, or will the listeners just while their time away listening to posts without understanding them, something they have made a habit of doing, just listening, no interacting, no sharing of their views, just listening, not understanding.

There is a strong breeze blowing through the window right now, signs of a storm perhaps, the skies are still blue, not a cloud in sight, the moon shall surface in an hour's time, the activity around my home has picked up during the past few minutes, the evening has come alive, it might be a busy evening on Osovo too, with some of our listeners wanting to share how they spent this restful day...

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Kalpana Kalpana
Here it has become very cool sir both mornings and evenings are very cool with breeze .Waking up in the morning has become very difficult.

Dolphi Dolphi
The ancient Greek philosopher, Diogenes, in sparse clothing was having a restful day under the shade of a tree. Alexander the Great was passing that way and ordered this beggar to move away from his path, to which Diogenes replied that he was resting under God-given shade on this God-given earth and that no one has the right to ask him to move away. Astonished Alexander moved his horse aside and passed him by.

Gomathi Gomathi
I, the regular reader of Osovo, understands & response as to my heart's say. Not known whether I align with the writer's understanding, but still a little smile for I have done a small justice here.

The afternoon is calm & composed except for the noise of the carton channel that my daughter is watching right now......the chill breeze & the Sun's rays blends together to give a cool warm feeling. This moment is a blessing & thank you Osovo for having trained us to see life as a beautiful flower......thank you for all.

Mamta Mamta
Busy day and thoughts of being on line to log in to Osovo and do some course reading as well.I'm happy to share with you that I did some counseling on being asked by a friend for her daughter.

Savio Savio
Great going, Mamta, go through all the mock session scripts well whenever you find the time. They genuinely help you understand how to counsel anyone for almost anything.

Mamta Mamta
Thank you sir. Yes I have read some of the mock sessions and they are really helpful.I shall be reading up more.

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