A Sacred Space


It feels so exciting and nice to have a place where I can come to anytime of the day or night and share my views on something, anything or everything.

The best part about being a content creator here is that I can speak about nothing and still connect with thousands of people who completely understand that even nothing means something in the greater plan of life.

I feel I am special and immensely powerful being the chief speaker here. I am a celebrity without being famous and famous without being a celebrity just by sharing my thoughts and voicing my views on a large range of topics, subjects and things that cross my mind as a common human being.

Don't get me wrong, the only reason that listeners keep listening to our audio books and readers keep sending in their feedback on my posts is because they realize that their quality of life is being enhanced just by being on Osovo listening or reading to these posts.

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Kalpana Kalpana
True sir ,its really sacred place as we learn good things and keep our self energetic through out the day after reading the posts.

Harpreet Harpreet
Yes Osovo indeed is our sacred space. We come here again and again every day to fill our life with the knowledge and information to improve our life and to live well and fully.

Gomathi Gomathi
The designer of Osovo is sure a celebrity being famous in the hearts of all the readers here. Every word of Osovo just enters the heart like free air, & nourishes the whole system of the readers. Even today, I have been talking about Osovo with one of my friend....."Osovo in a counseling nurtures every individual student self, & thereby we feel happy & hence we are becoming quite eligible counselor, for only the happy person can give happiness to all". Osovo, thank you.

Fire Fire
Everyone needs a sacred space, a space where they can be completely and truthfully themselves, with no mask, no pretense, and where they can re-connect with who they are.

Sheila Sheila
Perfectly said Sir. People need a place to get good thoughts, wisdom and understanding of life's problems and how to deal them.

Many many good thoughts are shared here which will certainly be useful to an individual and to the society as well.

Whoever reads the posts will get a moral boost and relaxation. Thanks Sir, for your great work in creating this Osovo.

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