A Strong Guiding Purpose

Living with a strong guiding purpose is what makes me feel alive. My constant desire is to relax and enjoy every minute of my life. I believe that this should be mankind's biggest goal and every human's largest dream.

However, our educational system and corporate world tells us that money is everything so we completely lose the plot and lack focus when it comes to living our lives fully.

Yes, money is most important. I would be foolish if I said I don't need money. But if ever I come to a point in my life where I seem to be "working" only for money then I will ask myself that question. Why do I need that money?

The answers will help me realize once again that the main reason I need money is to be happy. Then I realize that happiness comes from just sitting here right now creating these posts to enhance the quality of life of Millions of people in the years to come.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Perfect Sir. The constant desire of the life is to relax & be happy every moment. And to make living interesting, we really need a good purpose that keep us in the flow. Let us go with the purpose of life happily relaxing every moment.

Dolphi Dolphi
A strong guiding principle and a determined purpose enables us to wade through life's complexities with great ease.

Sheila Sheila
Very truly said Sir. Many people go for making money, at the end, they have gained nothing else but earned money. Money is required for living and enjoying. But, we should have a time to enjoy life, live happily, be relaxed and not over stressed to go after only making money. At one point, we should say, OK this is enough for my family. Now, I will relax and be happy. Give children the good education. They will be able to earn for their living. Many people miss this out. Especially I have seen this in the Corporates. People does not want to retire. They keep on extending and does not find time to live happily and relaxed.

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