A Sunny Afternoon

It's a wonderful Sunny Afternoon. The weather is simply marvelous outside my window and I am off to a tea house to relax over the next few hours while I soak in the spectacular weather that's happening here today. The breeze is blowing inside my window and gently caressing me with the sweet sensation of mild wind.

It's a blessed day and hopefully wherever you are you too are enjoying the terrific weather on display these days. The parks are full of flowers and the florist shops are painted yellow with the fresh Daffodils adorning the entire display area. The occasional sound of a car driving by is the only disturbance but the ecstatic rhythms of Suzanne Ciani playing her piano away for me more than makes up for the car horns. I sit here blissfully relaxing as the noon slowly passes me by.

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Kalpana Kalpana
I enjoyed my day today praying ,going to temple .Reading posts ,cooking little ,relaxing for long time and shopping with my child in the evening after she is back from school when it was cool.

Gomathi Gomathi
Well Sir. The same here, the afternoon is bright with Sun at its center. Just few minutes, I just strolled under the warmth heat of dear Sun. The splendid energy of Sun brightens the day to enter Enoma after a sick yesterday. Thank you Sir & Thank you Sun.

Harpreet Harpreet
At present i am enjoying being alone in my room sitting in front of computer reading this post. Although it is sunny, cool breeze is swaying the tree leaves. The only sound is the sound of my fingers typing on the keyboard and some song playing some where far. It is a beautiful and blessed afternoon.

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