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A Super Afternoon


It's a relaxing Afternoon in Naigaon. The environment around my home is quite still at the moment. It's quite peaceful even though it's a long holiday weekend. The breeze from the nearby creek is softly brushing against my cheeks and going through my hair as I sit here by the large window.

The yellow and purple flowers that adorn my building lawn are still blooming. Though they too lay on those green green plants in a motionless state. The wind is blowing at a mild pace.

The occasional passerby down the village road dotting the landscape gives me something different to look at. The jungles beyond the road and the sea in the distance makes the entire scenery feel like a silent movie scene. A beautiful and tranquil one at that.

I'm having a super Afternoon over here, my only hope is that you are having a wonderful one in your part of the world as well. Thanks for sharing this blissful and relaxing moment on Osovo with me.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Here its not a quiet day as every flat is busy with music,dance,celebrations,get together from yesterday on the occasion of navaratri program of Ganesha chaturthi.

Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, as always, your now moments are as beautiful as you describe. Really we are being taken into a beautiful landscape by your description Sir. Thank you. I do enjoy being with nature, but still, not completely involved. So here again the now speaks. Practicing to be in 'now' is also a tough job I guess.

Harpreet Harpreet
Sir, i love the way you describe the simple things of life with so much pleasure. After reading such posts and reflecting on it, i become more aware of the moment and that moment becomes wonderful and relaxing.

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