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Dreams are those mystic worlds within which we get into as we are asleep. These dreams are always connected to the real life. They are the reflection of within and beyond you. Interpretation of these dreams help in understanding your level of conscious and unconscious mind and the overall experience with the world.

Dreams work as symbols giving peculiar pictures and sometimes sounds and emotions as well. They are like decoding a secret cipher and getting to know about things that are not working for you and the reason behind them.

Some of the common types of dreams that people are by stood like ‘Recurring Dreams’ these are those dreams that reappear again and again alternate days, weeks or month. These are those dreams which underline some fear, weakness or that traumatic situation or emotion that you fail to deal with or are left unsettled.

A ‘Prophetic Dream’ is a direct connection to the spiritual fixation where the symbols are trying to convey admonition, ease, alert or proof.

Nightmares is a dream where monsters, witches comes and haunt you. Interpreting dreams, adding meaning to those symbols which we see is an ancient act practiced from the traditional Greek and Egypt. Today many of the psychic and religious scholar guide through these dreams and write about them.

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Kalpana Kalpana
After i have joined my counselling course ,i learnt the reason behind our dreams.I started interpreting them now sir.

Harpreet Harpreet
Dream interpretation is an interesting subject. "The interpretation of dreams" by Sigmund Freud is the most popular book where he has introduced his theory of unconscious with respect to the dreams. What ever things which cause anxiety and are pushed into our unconscious find their way into our dreams.

Gomathi Gomathi
What we experience on a day, sometimes comes as a dream in different form. However a good dream gives happiness, but a bad dream leaves a fear for the whole day. Hence we are told to pray before our bed time & surrender all to God. By this way, we may have good dreams I think.

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