An Interesting Mood

I'm in an interesting mood today. The speech is flowing off the top of my head and some of the words are directly coming from within my soul. The pieces of information that are being shared might not entertain you but it is sure to interest you if you choose to spend a few moments of silence in trying to understand what they mean.

Fitting pieces of the puzzle together is the most important task when it comes to solving a puzzle. What starts out as a puzzle starts making sense only once you have taken a few steps (forward) towards solving it.

The purpose of a seed is to turn into a being, whether it's a human being, a plant or a tree or any other living being that exists in this Universe.

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Kalpana Kalpana
The love of gardening is the seed once sown never dies.So is the love for us to learn from you sir..All posts of yours take us to a very different world ,where we learn to give and share our knowledge.

Harpreet Harpreet
Anything which comes from our soul may not make sense in the beginning, we may not understand it but ultimately there comes a time when it all makes sense. Just like a seed when planted may not show any growth for a long time but one fine day grows up into a big tree.

Gomathi Gomathi
A step forward every day will help us reach our destiny. Sir, you have been constantly telling all to take a step forward, we are doing it with the good guidance of you Sir. Sure our destiny as good counselor will definitely talk your name. Thank you.

Mamta Mamta
Very profound and true sir.It makes a lot of sense.

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