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Sometimes it makes sense to ask for directions to the top of the mountain a few more times than once since it can get foggy on your way up the Alps.

The Millennial generation has it made. Their lives lie before them, they can do what they want, when they want, and no one tells them how to go about their days. Not even someone like me.

The palm trees dotting the coastal areas of our world are symbolic of the happiness we receive when we spend time close to Mother Nature.

The beaches, the mountains, the woods, and all things natural and good are definite signs that happiness bursts out once you surrender to the "schedule" and fall gracefully into the open arms of Nature.

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Gomathi Gomathi
True Sir, it is better to ask directions when we have lost our way. Likewise, it is wise to surrender to Mother Nature our own Self to experience the true happiness. I always like to surrender myself to Nature and lost myself in happiness for hours together. I realize, Nature has got soothing phenomenon.

Sheila Sheila
It is always better to check our directions and ask our way to any new place which we are to go.
When we are confident of our destination, then we will not miss out the plesant beauties on our way to the new place where we ought to go.

The beauty of nature is always a thing to be admired by anyone, whenever we venture outside our regular routes. Keep looking out of the windows of your car or bus or train and adorn the beauties and wonderful creation of god around.

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