At The Beach

I'm was at the beach earlier today. My little son splashed and played in the water, my niece threw some water onto his face, the salty taste of the ocean water made my son start to cry, he wanted revenge, and I'm certain there will be another day by the sea to get it.

Time for the sun to set right now. I am here chilling out with an ice cold pint of freshly squeezed Orange Juice. All of us stare out into the distance as the huge ball of yellow in the sky turns into red.

The surrounding skies turn orange and red as the sun slips lower and lower. We can literally watch it slip into another world as the minutes pass by so quickly.

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Rashida Rashida
Sir , you have a very good sense of humor. "He wanted revenge and I'm certain there will be another day by the sea to get it ." Best line of this post.

Harpreet Harpreet
I love spending time at the beach. So many times we have gone to the beach for the picnic. Sunset is always beautiful to watch especially at the beach.

Gomathi Gomathi
Spending time at beach with the little ones are the happiest moments ever. No money can buy such joyful moments. You are blessed Sir.

I like to spend hours at any natural spot, & beaches are one of my favorite destiny. When I am to beaches, I just talk to sea.... just praising her beauty, will power, hard work & courage. I take inspiration & return home happy.

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