Awesome Christmas Memories

Christmas was awesome during my childhood days in Byculla. Just standing there on Byculla bridge and looking around at the Gloria Church and all the houses fully decorated would make us feel so Christmassy.

During those chilly Winter evenings we could come home later than usual (around 9pm) and we would be greeted by a hot bowl of Mummy's special Chicken soup. Then I would go up to the terrace (with my brother and sisters) to look around our area and enjoy the bright lights on a dark Winter's night some more.

Life was so simple back then. All of us would just go to school, come back home, and talk to each other while we went about our lives. The food served was simple and delicious. Mummy would make sure that we had all our favorite food items during every month of the year.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Christmas is very special to me sir.On December 25th 2000 something inspired me at home to make Christmas tree and decorate home and we welcomed our daughter the next day,she is born on 26th December then Christmas has become very special .We are blessed on that day.

Savio Savio
You are lucky and so is your daughter, Kalpana. Every major festival is celebrated inside our home. We enjoy all holidays almost equally, we even celebrate big moments in Indian sports and history with lot of enjoyment and fanfare.

Sheila Sheila
Christmas is one festival which is celebrated all over the world. Especially in Western countries. In olden days, we used to cut the casuarina trees and bring them home. Decorate them with hand made starts, greeting cards, colourful serial bulbs etc. Also make a big star with colourful transparent papers, with serial bulb in it , so that it glows as a twinkling star. Nowadays, all these have gone. There are ready made, artificial Christmas trees at whatever height we wanted to buy. Then the decorations are also ready made. Even when we go to Malls, we could see them illuminated with colour lights and huge Christmas Tree fully decorated. We can hear the sounds of carols, Jingle bells and the popular Christmas songs everywhere. Varieties of dishes, cakes are made at home and shops. New dresses arrive. Lots of donations happen during the period for the poor. Gifts are exchanged and people make a point to visit their friends, relatives and neighbours. Early moring masses are attended by people to celebrate the joy of Christmas and the good message that a Saviour is born to redeem the world from sins & iniquities.

Savio Savio
Very well described past and present scenarios at Christmas time, Sheila. While it's good to see everyone celebrating Christmas with great fanfare, it's a sad sign of how materialistic the whole world has become. I can openly state here that most major festivals go by without much prayer, meditation and silent reflection these days. That's why, my Christmas memories mean so much more to me.

Harpreet Harpreet
I completely agree that most of the major festivals go by without prayers, meditation and silent reflection. We somehow got lost in the rituals forgetting the true essence of each festival. I love the Christmas spirit everyone in happy and joyful mood, concept of Santa Claus, people visiting each other houses, helping the poor and needy etc.

Gomathi Gomathi
Since my schooling was in a convent, Christmas celebration was phenomenal in our school. The little angels at the back drop stage, Mary with the kid Jesus, sheeps around, hays scattered all over, three stars of heaven blessing the birth of Jesus, the final touch with Santa claus throwing chocolates to all children.....Choir singing songs.... the entire atmosphere takes us to another world of heaven. All sweet good memories.

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