Bathroom Blues

I love bathrooms that are clean and spotless. It tempts me to take off my clothes right in there and take a nice long bath. One of the most disgusting things to witness is a bathroom that stinks and is dirty.

Worse is when you go to make potty and see a few lumps of shit bobbing up and down in the water below. I feel like vomiting when I enter someone's house as a guest and see their dirty bathroom.

I try my best to control my "release" urges so that I never have to enter their bathroom. I would strongly suggest that you always keep your bathroom as clean as you can. Flush the toilet after using it and always check that every last piece of shit has been flushed down.

Always keep some toilet paper around inside the bathroom. Also hand wash soap and enough water for you and your guests to wash their hands properly on using the toilet.

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Sheila Sheila
Many people keep their living rooms neat and clean, but fail to take care of their Kitchen and Bathrooms. These two are also important places, to be kept neat and tidy. If at all any guests, happen to enter the home, we should be prepared when they may happen to see these 2 places too. The reality will be judged by them, only when these 2 places are also kept well maintained. It is the responsibility of the house keeper to take care of cleaning these 2 places on daily basis. The inmates of the house should also own responsibility in keeping and maintaining the house neat and tidy. When the house is neat and clean, even God will be happy to come in our homes and dwell with us..

Harpreet Harpreet
It is rightly said to know how neat and tidy any house is, we should look at the kitchen and bathrooms. Whenever we have some guest coming over, i make sure that bathrooms are cleaned properly and one bathroom is left only for the guests to use. I put fresh hand towel, toilet paper, liquid soap and spray some toilet fresheners.

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