Be Content

Be content with what you have. God has blessed us with an abundance of everything. Do things in moderation as over doing is harmful, like over eating or drinking too much, being too greedy for money or spending too much.

Our ambitions must be aimed at solving burning problems of society. Your life purpose should ideally help others less fortunate. Sharing is caring. Share your assets, money, skills and talents with the poor and needy in society.

Most importantly, give your time to good causes. Live a creative, peaceful and blissful life during the short period in this world so that same is assured during long period after death also.

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Harpreet Harpreet
It is said that our prime purpose in life is to help others with our God given talents. Sooner or later we realize that the true fulfillment comes only when we help others and often when we lose ourselves in the service of others that we find ourselves.

Gomathi Gomathi
Contentment living is peaceful. What we have, are the blessings of God, never ever compare ourselves with others & make our self inferior. We are equals, no one is either superior or inferior. Each being is blessed with a unique talent, using such unique talent for the betterment of our self, our family, our society gives a blissful living.

Lucy Lucy
Our ambitions must be aimed, when we are living on this earth. The ambition and aim will makes us live peaceful and blissful life. In our day toady's life find time for everything that will bring the life happy.

Dolphi Dolphi
We can never be happy with the accumulation of wealth and . People who have wealth running into thousands of crores, clamor for more and are embroiled in bitter family disputes. Simple as it t, contentment is the sweet antidote for greed.

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