Be Free

It is important to be free. It shouldn't matter whether the color of your skin is Orange or Black, nor should it make any difference if you are rich or poor.

It's fine to explain things in words that others around you can understand. This is what I do and I am usually misunderstood!

Live your life being the you that you are meant to be. Don't conform or belong to groups and classes.

Free yourself from the chains that enslave your mind and focus on the "original" and unique voice of your soul.

Consider yourself to be like a free bird. You can fly into any direction you want to. You can write, speak, do, listen in any way you want. The only entity to follow is the Master of the Universe himself.

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Gomathi Gomathi
The Universal intelligence is the very soul of ours. But we often go in forgetfulness & lock ourselves into a cage. Let us break all the ties & fly free to breathe the joy of freedom.

Dolphi Dolphi
The best is to hold your head high and walk free; belonging to any particular group or class robs you of your precious freedom.

Mamta Mamta
I so agree with all of you. It's a great feel to feel free. We set limitations on ourselves which we just need to let go.

Harpreet Harpreet
This I call leading life from soul consciousness. Soul is free from any limitations and does not belong to any particular group, race or class.

Girish Girish
I read somewhere that 'Do you thing you will ever feel alone in this crowded world? Yes, sometimes even the nearest ones may not get you. Its fine, walk the true path that your heart takes you on'. Those who truly love you will eventually understand you.

Vinay Vinay
If I try to imitate the life of someone else, I am losing my identity and becoming that person. Whatever my qualities are I am myself. I want to be like that. I love that.

Soosamma Soosamma
To be free and walk with head high , one need to be transparent and faithful to whatever they are doing.

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