Bed Of Roses

Jumping into a bed of roses is likely to get us pricked by a few thorns but the quantity of those soft petals makes it a worthwhile attempt to squash our mood swings and shallow sadness that results in us feeling blue.

Change of scenery adds to a change of color. Darkness usually turns into light. And the brightest Moonlight sometimes isn't enough to help us find our way.

When climbing uphill, one finds it a trivial task to come down the hill but will certainly use twice the effort (or more) to climb till the very top. Technically, our moods are pretty much the same.

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Sheila Sheila
Sir bed of roses must be only the rose petals and not the full rose, because the stem pricks.
Even for the wedding, people decorate the bed, with rose petals due to its softness and the fragrance. When we see a big rose bloomed in a garden, we love to see it brightness, it colour and how it glows. God has created thorns for this rose plant, with only a form of protection for the rose. Else, any child can just run to the plant and pluck the rose. Same way, God protects us in our lives with thorny bushes around us. So, we should not feel bad for the thorns around us. It is meant to be there, with some sort of intention of God.

Gomathi Gomathi
Walking in the path of passion, though seem walking in the bed of roses, sure there will be little thorns hiding behind to prick our will power. But at all stages our will power to pursue our passion should grow strong as Bamboo. Believe, true aspiration from pure heart will win for sure. Just work.

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