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One of the biggest reasons for modern stress is debt. Owing money to varied lending sources can eat your brains up over a relatively short period of time. Owing others money is stressful.

The problem is not only with being in debt but it arises because we tend to take loans which we aren't in a great position to pay back on time or as per our earning abilities.

I've been in debt in the past. I've had to pay back lots of money to a few near and dear ones. These loans had a negative impact on my relationship with my loved ones. It took many years to get things back on track though I believe a lot of time was wasted in the process.

Millions of people have taken their own lives due to debts. Suicide due to the inability to pay back the loans taken is a rather common thing in the modern world that we live in.

My only advice to anyone who is in in debt right now is to pay off those loans as soon as possible. If you can't manage to do so then spend atleast a few hours each week in setting up an alternate income source and on silent meditation. Both these will help you be less stressed out as you go about paying off your debts.

A lot of students, readers, and clients have asked me how I am always so happy and positively inspiring to be around. I tell them that the hours that I spend on Meditation and the awesome feeling of being financially free are the two main reasons for me being happy and stress free today.

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Gomathi Gomathi
I go with you Sir 100%. Debts kills one's self identity & self esteem. I had realized the same when my dad was completely locked up financially in his business. Those years were tough period to cross, we were seen as the most cheap beings on Earth......& my little heart cried for basic human treatment. Alas!! We were isolated, however, situations changed, dad sold one of his asset & settled all debts. False may be on our side, but still, I hate public treating people of debt badly.

Savio Savio
Yes, Gomathi, it is sad how people we know treat us when we are in losses and debts. But God is watching all and the ones who treat people like this will be punished sooner or later, in their own way.

Gomathi Gomathi
Right Sir. Since then, I took a vow myself, not to treat any human being bad even if they owe me.

Sheila Sheila
Two things any man should pray for is

1. A debt free life.
2. A disease free life.

Man should have good health till his last breath and same time live without any bondages of loans or debts. Then, he is the happiest man .

We can be contented and live happily with what we have if we are free from the above 2 points.

Very well said Savio Sir.
Nowadays many financial institutions prompt us to take easy loans and give credit cards and once we get into the trouble, we will find it very difficult when we start paying the EMI each month.
If there is a default then we have to face the harassments.

Better we buy anything which is very important for us with direct money and not on credit cards or loans.

Savio Savio
Rightly said, Sheila, buy only what you can afford, not what you feel or think that you can buy. Live debt free and be healthy to live a high quality lifestyle.

Dolphi Dolphi
Loans serve a purpose; they are invaluable at times if they can help you in increasing productivity or in saving regular outgoings like house rent. But, it is foolishness and a sure-shot trap if you borrow money to spend on consumables.

Mamta Mamta
Living under debt as you rightly put it can be very stressful. I have lent money too and not got it back,I tell myself that if I lend someone money I should be mentally prepared that I may never get that money back again,so either I should lend with that thought or not stress about getting that money back.

Lucy Lucy
Right Sir, today in our society many are undergoing such kind of problems. Any one approached me to speak about their debts I advised that to pay off those loans as soon as possible otherwise debts will kill the person.

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