Being Obese

Being obese is not a sin, it's a normal thing. We have all come to this world for a reason. God wanted us to be obese and so this is what we are. Don't fight against yourself and God's purpose.

Your life is a gift which must be used with due diligence. But being obese does not stop you from being fit.

Spend time on living a terrific life. Go places, meet new people, do more things, spend time on hobbies and recreation, relax more, worry less, focus on being happy and spending time with your loved ones.

Meditate daily. Nothing helps us live a more joyful and relaxed life than spending ample time in meditating in silence and solitude.

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Mamta Mamta
Being obese is not a sin,because obesity can be due to many medical conditions,but obesity due to gluttony can pose serious health concerns.

Gomathi Gomathi
That was a positive guidance to obese people Sir. Worrying on being obese, adds up bad cholesterol in our body more. Instead as Sir said, focusing on doing hobby; meditating; being with nature; being with passion; all makes the obese people to get cool & let to enjoy the beautiful life.

Harpreet Harpreet
Being obese does not stop you from being fit. This exactly is what Michele Carter, the first American women to win Gold in Short Put, in Olympics proved.

Soosamma Soosamma
Obesity is not a sin. Believe in yourself and enjoy life which is only once.

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