Boredom Killers


Boredom is a highly contagious disorder. You hang around boring people and you become just as boring as they are.

It is a long irritating phase of your life that you want to end, you do almost everything that you can to eradicate this boredom, you experiment with new things, hang out with different people, turn your schedule upside down but it appears the more that you do, the more boring it gets.

An easier hassle free way to delete boredom is to do things that make you happy and hang around positive people, spend more time on relaxing and meditation, less time with negative people.

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Sheila Sheila
Perfectly said Less time with negative people. Better that we avoid the negative people to the best possible. Else they will drain away the positive energy within us. Then we will start seeing everything in a negative approach and will ruin our peace of mind.

Always be positive. Think that there is nothing that we cannot achieve. We can do it . Tell it 10 times. We will surely find a way of doing them.

Gomathi Gomathi
Perfect Sir, spend less time with negative people. Actually my nature is not to ignore all, but this quality of mine sometimes make me to caught in the maze of negative people. However if no way, I change the topic every time the person starts talking negatively.....but can understand it is foolish way of giving excuses. Should avoid being with negative people.

Right Sir, the happiness of the soul is the happiness of oneself. Hence doing soulful activities will enable one to get away from boredom.

Kalpana Kalpana
Perfect Sheila use positive affirmations as many times as possible in your life so that they overtake your negative thoughts.
Make positive vibrations in your house by perfumed candles or good agarbathi,good aeration,soft music or slokas involving all 5 resourceful senses (visual,auditory,olfactory,kinesthetics,gustatory)with no clutter.

Harpreet Harpreet
I remember the old adage which said 'Man is known by the company he keeps.' It is entirely our choice what kind of people we want to hang out with. If we want our life to be happy and peaceful we have to remove toxic people from our life and surround ourselves with the people who brings out the best in themselves as well as in us.

Dolphi Dolphi
No doubt the boredom catches you like flu if you mingle with boring people. The best antidote for it is to get involved in some positive and creative activities.

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