Bound To Hurt You


Our posts and me are bound to hurt you at some time or the other. It is just the way that it is when you have thousands of posts on topics closely connected to your everyday life. I can't help it. I don't want to hurt you with what I speak about but sometimes the topics that I must take up are against your line of thinking or lifestyle choices.

I create posts on Osovo with an open mind. The posts must help you live a better life or give you tools and tips to enhance the quality of your life through simple means and suggestions. But sometimes when we must make a change, we must hurt ourselves a little in doing so.

Change is painful at times but you can make the changes you need to make without worrying about the pain when you spend an hour on silent meditation in the morning and another late in the evening. Trust me, silent meditation eases all pain and dramatically enhances the quality of your life. It's a free drug without any harmful side effects.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you Sir for the free drug without any harmful side effects. Sir, we are not hurt, when something is shared openly for the well being of others, it will not be taken to be hurt. I am doing meditation both mornings & evenings.....and a few minutes during night time. And sure meditation did enhanced & enhancing my quality of life.

Harpreet Harpreet
Any change which helps us to grow for better is going to be painful when it is happening but in the long run that is what is required. We are happy we have such wellwisher in Osovo like a parent who knows that some change in the life style of kids may hurt them but it is good for kids. At the same giving the solution also to ease away this pain through meditation.

Sheila Sheila
A good friend always sees us as we are. Only a good friend will openly tell us what we are lacking and where we can improve.
This sort of feedback is very essential for everyone, to come up in their lives.
I have heard a big gospel speaker, saying that he has two people specifically to observe him for any mistakes he is commiting in his speech and in his sermon. They will be critically viewing him, and will give him a honest feed back after he comes from the dias to his seat. This has helped this person, to overcome any short comings and improve and become the best speaker.

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