Break Up Now

Break up if he is not the one. In reality, life's short and each one of us deserves to be with someone who loves us fully, truly and passionately else it simply ain't worth it.

Of course, this post is also for the male readers that drop by here. Everyone deserves to have their one true lover and if they haven't found him (or her) yet then keep searching.

It's far better being alone than being stuck in a rotten affair. Sometimes breaking up seems too difficult because we are so accustomed to having that person in our lives. But there comes a time in a relationship when walking your own separate ways is the best thing to do.

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Kalpana Kalpana
There were days when women were not respected if they have a break up and had to live alone.Instead of supporting them during their difficult times people usually insult them.But now such days are gone ,women learn to have self respect and has enough confidence to support their family alone.

Rashida Rashida
Breaking up can b hard but is the best step if one is stuck in a relationship that lacks respect n care.

Gomathi Gomathi
Living alone is far better than being stuck in a rotten affair. Right Sir. But still, people involved in these rotten affairs are still hesitant to break up the same. Such people lose their self identity, self esteem and remains slaves pledging all complains on their fate. This state should change.

Harpreet Harpreet
Break up hurts that is why so many times it turns out to be "make up" because of the fear of letting go, but sometimes break ups happen for us to "wake up" to end the relationship where is no respect, love and appreciation.

Savio Savio
Well said, Harpeet, waking up is the order of the day for all the Millions of heartbroken souls who still aspire to get back or cling on to their "made up' love affairs.

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