Busy At Work

As a therapist, I've observed that youngsters of this generation are already working for most of the day. Their brains are already programmed as if they are busy at work. How you may ask?

Well, it's because most youngsters spend most of their free time on their phones. And they surf endless news feeds, status updates, and similar apps for hours on end. As a result, their brain thinks that they are working even though they are supposed to be just chilling out.

As a result, the life spans of today's generation is going to go lower and lower. Also, since their brain thinks they are already working, they have higher stress levels than previous generations did. It might seem amusing to you but even watching TV these days is like doing some work!

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Kalpana Kalpana
I heard my father saying the same ,gadgets have become more our friends.Most of the time is spent by youngsters in surfing and little time with their family.It makes them feel stressed at the end of the day.

Harpreet Harpreet
This is exactly what i told my daughter that you are wasting your valuable energy by surfing apps, face book etc. Earlier her idea of taking a break was to go on face book or check messages on what's app. Now she listens to some nice music and just relax during her break from studies.

Sheila Sheila
People hardly find time to relax, meditate or rest. Life has become mechanical. All because of too many gadgets and the internet. Though internet may be very useful in learning, still it makes most of the people to stick to it like a glue. People will become mad, when one day, there is a total shut down of network and no internet connections or mobile connectivity. Nowadays, it has become the vital source of energy, right from the vegetable vendor to the high class business society. Right from children to the grown ups. Something, has to be drastically addressed to people to make them divert from this addiction and be calm for sometime and relax and rest. This will only happen, when they fall sick and taken to hospital to stay in bed.

Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, sad truth, the younger generation just falling prey to mobile phones & other electronic gadgets. At least, to minimize this, a wide propaganda should be made regarding the ill effects of being addicted to these gadgets.

Girish Girish
Coming generation will be over-worked and burn out soon if they don't learn the art of relaxing themselves, taking time out to be with themselves without any distractions and basically meditating to be aware of themselves.

Vinay Vinay
Very true sir. The youngsters have more stress these days. Of course, they earn quite a lot, much more than what we earned during our young age. The employers squeeze work out of them, and they do not have any time for themselves of the family. The get rusted. I feel that they become "old" very soon.

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