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We can catch the balls thrown in our direction only when we have both our hands open wide enough to collect them all as they come in. Perhaps a net of some sort would aid in this process.

Host a dinner party at home for your friends a few times a month. See life in multi-color. Seeing everything in black and white isolates you from others.

Listen to audio biographies of successful people. There is always a way out of anything, find it.

Take charge of our life before someone else does. Earn a profit not an income. You completely control your time, spend those minutes well. Don't make excuses, get started now.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Very well said sir.I used to host people always for weekends after working for whole week .At times i used to admire it but at times depressed as am not getting time with my husband.Years passed with the same routine me reading only chemistry books for earning as it was must and used to enjoy teaching.I never had time to rejoice ,read or listen to autobiographies.From last year there are lot of changes in my life style i have time for my chemistry,read many other than chemistry go out with family and meet friends and for everything.

Dolphi Dolphi
Wisdom springs out of most people and most common places. Exalted education and erudition is not needed to produce gems of wisdom. We should only be alert to catch it alive.

Gomathi Gomathi
Every moment is an adventurous learning. We are just a drop in an ocean. So let us get ready to learn every moment of life. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. So let us desire to have wisdom, for wisdom comes in all ways.

Harpreet Harpreet
It is rightly said If we don't have a plan, we become part of somebody else's plan. So we should take charge of our life before it is too late. Learning is a never ending process and we need to be open to learning, sometimes things become easier if we learn from somebody who has already walked our path.

Girish Girish
Time is the most precious possession we have. Time well spent makes life worth living.

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