Changes In My Personal Life

Few major changes in my personal life made me call it a day as a soft skills trainer inside a classroom. My son was born. I was married a year before. I met my wife a year before that. I discovered that I had high blood pressure a year before that. I learned that my mother would not be living much longer a year before that.

My experiences with thousands of students and over a million others taught me that I was restricting myself by living a limited life. After several days and weeks of introspection, I realized that it was my hunger for money and fame that was causing problems in my life.

Had I been working fewer hours then I would be much happier. Had I been spending more time with my loved ones then I would be spending lesser money and being far more satisfied in my life.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Honest sharing Sir. Life has it's own twists and turns, our happiness depends on how well we adapt to such changes. Every day is not the same, waking up expecting changes will ease the way of living. It is always easy to say, but difficult to follow. I am also a persistent worker towards living a better life....in this voyage, every moment teaches me a lesson, and I try to adapt my changes good.

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