Chew It Good

Chewing the food that we eat is a healthy habit to have. Breaking down the particles of food into tinier morsels makes it much easier for our digestive system to digest it well. Chewing our food properly is a positive habit for those looking to lose or maintain their weight.

Children must be taught the habit of chewing the foods that they eat from an early age. It's essential to maintain a fixed time for consuming one's meals everyday so that the meals are never hurried nor swallowed without chewing on them.

The great thing about chewing our food is that we actually taste the food that we are eating and don't blindly swallow it without getting a decent idea about its taste.

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Kalpana Kalpana
We were taught in childhood days we need to chew and eat for easy digestion sir .Being a student from biological background I learnt saliva mixes with food and produces digestive enzyme called salivary amylase which initiates breaking down of carbohydrates in the mouth.This reduces stress on oesophagus.

Gomathi Gomathi
True Sir, our digestion starts from mouth. The saliva in the mouth mixes with food well & aids in good digestion. Chewing food makes us to enjoy tasting every bit of the food, which gives mental satisfaction that 'we had good food'. Also, our stomach message of fullness is easily noted by the brain & thereby we are requested to stop eating.

Harpreet Harpreet
Right. Since it takes 20 minute for the brain to register that we are full, when we chew our food well we slow down the process of eating. This helps us to enjoy the taste as well.

Savio Savio
Thank you for adding so much value to this post already, Harpreet, Gomathi and Kalpana. Our readers will enjoy this chewy post even more now.

Sheila Sheila
Very important lesson about chewing the food well.
A doctor conducted wellness class for us and he insisted the importance of how well we should chew our food and eat.
He also said few things, that we should not talk when we take our food.
We should not drink water for half an hour after we take our meals.
We can take water 30 mins. before we start taking our food.
If we have to eat fruits, it should go 10 mins before we take our meals or food and not to take fruits after meals.
Thanks Sir, for this topic which is very very important to all ages.

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