Create New Habits


Create a new habit. Habits are powerful. Harness their energy for your own good. A habit is anything done repeatedly over a period of time.

Could be things like taking a bath to brushing your teeth, from eating your meals on time and doing things that take you forward towards fulfillment of your goals and life purpose.

Create a new habit today. Do something that interests you or pick up something new to learn. Do it consistently.

You cannot break a brick with your forehead until you have the habit of practicing your Kung Fu every single day for atleast a couple of hours and for an entire year.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Few ways to create a new habit, make a new habit we need to do it for at least 30 days to become part of our life.Doing it daily ,reminding ourselves by writing it down will help us . .Don't expect all attempts to change habits successfully .When you start to think negative thoughts, use the word but to interrupt it. Im no good at this, but, if I work at it I might get better later.

Harpreet Harpreet
Right. We are what we repeatedly do. It's all about creating healthy habits. Breaking old habits and forming new ones always takes time but it is worth in the end.

Sheila Sheila
Truly said Sir. Good habits are nice to read and understand. But the real effect of those good habits which we learn, should be put in practice.

To start a practice may be a mind block. But once, we learn the advantages of following the good habits, then a little discipline is required for us to
do the practice. Once practice comes, then we will be ever following that good habit and reaping the benefits. It is nice to note down in a small hand diary of things which we wanted to follow or make a habit. Then, start the practice..

Gomathi Gomathi
Habits makes one character. Habits can be formed by persistently practicing something, at least for a period of twenty one days. When we want to bring change in our self, first a thought for it should happen in mind, then persistent action, then the habit is formed with strong foundation of will power.

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