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A few dozen soccer players have died during the last 4 years itself. Most of these sportsmen were pretty young but still they died. A closer analysis of most of these "sudden" deaths on the playing field will reveal that almost each and every one of them had a hectic lifestyle some days or weeks prior to their deaths.

I can bet you a $1000 that there won't be a single Tennis (or Football) player alive who can play their games of Tennis (or Football) non-stop for 8 hours. It's almost impossible, and even if you win the bet, then I can bet you a $1000 that they won't live too long after playing two games on the trot (for 8 hours non-stop each time).

Humans are not designed to work hard yet we are fools to believe that we can. We must work in breaks. That's the only way to work well.

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Sheila Sheila
Very truly said. We have to work with breaks. Not continuously non-stop to work. Whether it may be sports or work or studies, we cannot do them continuously without any breaks.

I remember the Post Sharpening the Axe. The person who had frequent breaks achieved better results than the person who did work without any break.
Very true. People have to realise this method and follow them meticulously.

Harpreet Harpreet
How i wish that these players who lost their life at such a young age knew the value of taking breaks? We often forget that we are human beings not human doings. We need breaks to just be with ourselves to do nothing and surprisingly it brings everything into perspective.

Gomathi Gomathi
Right Sir, working with breaks increase our efficiency & focus of working. When we fail to hear the body's need for rest......we are into hell of sickness. Better late than never, let us take good breaks every frequent intervals. And sports personalities, should look out for their health more than their passion. A passion should not make you go crazy.

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