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I had a regular reader-cum-listener complain that my grammar stinks and that I tend to wrap up lines like no man's business. She loves what she listens to inside these audio books but it takes her twice the time to decipher the musings as she sits there listening to them a full three times.

I patiently took my time to answer her that I was once a guy who didn't know to write in correct English and it was pure good luck that I was coached by able teachers to freely speak this language over a span of a few years.

My life changed forever when I could create musings and stories in fluent English so please bear with me if my language isn't as smooth flowing as you'd like it to be.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Honest sharing Sir. Every best thing is achieved only after many trials & errors. I think, there is nothing called perfect. Perfect has "no perfect definition".
All are exploring the voyage, let us enjoy, so as writing good English.

Harpreet Harpreet
I also take time to decipher your musings Sir, not because of language but because of the deep meaning behind it.

Dolphi Dolphi
Follow your musings within and whatever babble that you blurt out will turn out to be sweet music. It is your sincere voice that matters and not the bombastic words.

Girish Girish
Like they say 'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder', for you I would say, 'Profoundness lies in the mind of the thinker'.

Vinay Vinay
Sometimes it so happens that the one who wants to communicate may not be fluent in the language the readers see it, but what matters the most is the 'concept' that we want to convey.
That's why we follow all the musings on Osovo and try to take it into our lives.

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