Decrease Mental Activity In The Evening

I've observed that successful people decrease mental activity in the evenings. This is a real secret of most successful people I have observed, spoken to or read about.

Successful people tend to slow down on almost everything during the evenings. They don't tax their minds nor expose their brains to much information.

Usually they spend time relaxing with their loved ones or simply while the hours away by engaging in leisurely and light activities such as reading, resting or meditating.

Mentally rigorous or taxing tasks and activities are kept aside so that their minds get the rest that it needs.

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Harpreet Harpreet
Thanks Sir for sharing another tip of successful people. For the past few days since the time i started meditation in the evening even i realized that i was much more relaxed and calm. Now i know it has to do with reducing the mental activity to give the mind its well deserved rest.

Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you Sir for another good reminder. To work like bees during day time...& to rest during evenings by just being with our self. Will plan my day this way, thank you.

Vinay Vinay
Throughout the day we work physically and mentally, and naturally we will tired towards the evening. Again if we give work to our mind, it will not be able to do as efficiently as it did in the morning.
Thank you sir, for advising us to spare us from the hard work in the evening, and also to be with the family.
Many hard-working people should read that post.

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