Distraction Principle

The great warriors who conquered most of the world in ancient times had a simple strategy during times of war. Kill more than 2 soldiers and you have done your bit during a particular war.

In certain cases, opponents were attacked from the sides and behind while showing a weak front to them. The Romans were well known for using the element of surprise to kill the most merciless warriors on the battle field.

Nowadays, in modern times, we are still at war with each other and ourselves. I'd like to focus only on the war that we are having with ourselves.

Just like the ancient warriors said kill more than 2 soldiers each and you have won the war, similarly, in today's times, we can conquer our demons by pushing it in front of two or more activities.

In simpler words, we can distract our inner demons to the point of submission by focusing our thoughts on positive activities and skills.

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Gomathi Gomathi
An idle mind is a devil's workshop. To get rid of such idle mind, we should keep on affirming our mind with positive thoughts. Whenever a negative thought appears in your mind, immediately give a positive thought to it. Just be with it. Sooner you will be completely positively charged.

Girish Girish
Good and Evil are two sides of the same coin. Which side we choose is our call and believe me, the evil side will always want to rise up whenever we toss the coin.

Rakhi Rakhi
Every person has the inner demons of lethargy which can be transformed to being angels of liveliness and enthusiasm by keeping oneself busy with constructive and productive activity.

Harpreet Harpreet
Another nice principle from you Sir. Whenever I am immersed in some thoughts which are sometimes waste or useless, i become aware of my thoughts and ask myself I wonder what my next thought going to be. This I learned from Eckhart tolle's book. In simple words I was applying distraction principle.

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