Distractions Are Welcome

Today it is rare to find our children having quality hobbies and leisure time activities. They call watching TV and surfing the net a hobby. It comes as no surprise that most youngsters today cannot hold a steady conversation with each other for more than a few minutes.

Distractions are welcome. Our minds are trained to wander thereby causing the overall performance of an average adult to be much lesser than what it used to be.

Adults in their 40s would be seen jogging at the beaches during the Summer months of April and May but in this generation people die in their 40s.

The average life span of a person living in Mumbai is 56 years. I am not lecturing you here. I am just reflecting on how most of us have conditioned ourselves to live our lives in a devious manner.

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Sheila Sheila
Yes Savio SIr. I too wanted to share my feelings on this matter. I can find a lot of generation differences between me and my children. The way when I was a child, I used to be very scared of my parents. I never even have the courage to go and ask them for my basic needs.
But that time, I felt that when I become a parent, I will be more friendly with my children and we should be as friends and not as parents. Same way, I treated them. I got them everything they wanted, whether I could afford or not. Just to keep them happy. But later, I felt that I should have taught them about poverty, and little of sufferings , hardship etc. Because, when they start standing on their own legs, then they started learning about money and how to be careful with that.
Now, when I see my grandkid, still the generation gap is too big. Her demands, her way of dealing with her parent is far too different. Even, my mind is so worried about this generation gap and how the changes happend in the way of upbringing them.

Kalpana Kalpana
Sir even my child is good at doing things uniquely but she spends good time on surfing net and chatting with friends along with rest .My niece is with me from a week ,when she is in her house she spends time on mobile games or watching tv after school and tution. After coming here she is spending time playing,drawing and painting with me and very less time on tv.

Dolphi Dolphi
The onslaught of technology has deteriorated the quality of life, I fear. Our hobbies turn out to be watching TV and surfing on the net. Even that is better than some youngsters loitering in dark street corners and indulging in the heady puffs of smoke.

Harpreet Harpreet
When it comes to surfing net i am very strict and i monitor how much time my daughter spends on it. I am glad i have no TV at home so no watching TV. I try to encourage her to read, write and play guitar which she is doing in her leisure time.

Sheila Sheila
Very well said Harpreet. It is good that you give the access to internet to your daughter but still monitor her of the usage. If every parent follows this, then we can avoid many problems and also keep the children safe from getting into diversions and troubles.
Of course, internet is useful for science, english and many other unanswered questions, where we can get from the search engine. But on the other hand, when our kids genuinely do some surfing for knowledge, the advertisements that run in the sides of the screen, tempt them to open to a new link and that is how they are trapped to see unwanted sites etc. So, better that the password is with the parent and also the parent keeps a close watch while the children are using the web.

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