Do Not Be Timid

One should never make themselves timid with the fears that shoot across their minds. Go forth without fear, live your life fully, don't take backward steps, focus on moving forward, experience all that you want to, and live your life with purpose.

It's useless to worry about sorrows that we experience during our lifetimes. Since the more sadness thrown our way tends to usher in greater doses of happiness in the future moments.

There is always light when there is darkness. It sometimes takes longer for us to see the light but it's always present. Even the darkest colors in the world have a bit of brightness in them.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Your initial posts on these have changed my perception very much sir.My sincere thanks to you.

Dolphi Dolphi
We are often required to take bold steps in life and to speak our mind about what we think is right. I suppose it is called the moral courage. When you are on the right path yourself, the moral courage automatically comes to you. It is different from the cautiousness that you feel when you act out of your instinct of self-preservation.

Gomathi Gomathi
Well said Sit, 'Even the darkest side of the shades have little brightness in them". So as the fear, have a hidden lesson with it. When we get to learn the lesson good, sooner the fear disappears. Nothing in this world is impossible, let us move forward towards living our purpose of life good.

Vinay Vinay
True sir.
Life is a mixture of plus and minus, negative and positive, ups and downs.
If we cry over the difficult period, we are missing a chance of turning over the difficulties into our advantage.
There is no point in the spilt milk.

Kirti Kirti
Very well said!

One should receive positives with humbleness and negatives with grace. Change is life. Sometimes we get reasons to be happy and there are times when we are sad.

When we learn to accept both aspects of life we become stronger to fight any hurdles that may come in our way.

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