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Egg White Saga


I love egg whites. Our muscles develop faster when we consume egg whites as it is full of protein that is easily absorbed by the human body thereby maximizing its usage. Egg whites when applied on stretch marks can help in reducing them over time.

Our hair can be made shinier, lustrous and healthier by applying raw egg whites on it for 10 minutes each day. Besides this, it helps keep my body cool during the summer and aids in the growth of cells so is good for quick healing of wounds.

Moreover, it is a highly nutritious food with less calories. It gives us less than 50 calories per 100 grams. Though the caloric value goes up if oil or other ingredients are added to it.

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Kalpana Kalpana
Every one at home likes eating eggs except me ,even if I eat i liked eating only white .I take weekly once but a small piece.For hair I apply at times when I go to parlour. I will start applying to hair frequently now sir.

Gomathi Gomathi
Egg white, the protein rich with a minimum calorie & less expensive is really a boon. Sure we will make use of this great energy food in our daily diet. Thank you Sir.

Lucy Lucy
It is a highly nutritious food with less calories. Everyone like to eat white egg and very rare people not consuming Egg white.

Harpreet Harpreet
Egg white is excellent food before and after work out because of its high content of protein. I love to have omelette made of egg whites cooked in olive oil along with lot of veggies in it. It is a complete meal in itself.

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