Email Theft

Each year, Millions of dollars or Crores of Rupees are stolen by expert spammers online. These spammers usually fool you into giving them your credit card or bank account details and then they are able to use those details to hack into your account and transfer sums of money to their offshore accounts or buy goods online using your credit card details.

Most of these spammers get your financial credentials when you mistakenly open an attachment inside an email from your bank or card company.

Spammers are experts at manipulating emails so as to seem as genuine as can be. The best thing to do is to never ever open an email from an address that you don't know.

Never open an attachment or click on a link given inside an email either. Great efforts are being made to make the internet more secure now. However, nothing can stop these thieves from getting their hands on your money if you are not careful enough.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you for the right message at the right time Sir. "Don't open any mail with unknown address", will do Sir. For every good there is a bad. Such bad takes the form of email theft here. Whatever be, we need to be cautious in handling emails of our inbox.

Sheila Sheila
Yes thank you Sir for this message. This prompts me to write an article which I shall do so shortly.
We should take ample care when we have to open our emails at public net centres etc. Remember to log out. Else all our personal details are easily robbed by the hackers and damages done to us.

Dolphi Dolphi
I have been noticing these email scams since I started using email decades ago. They are crafty and appear to be professional. Do not fall prey to them.

Kalpana Kalpana
Thank you for the message sir.We will be cautious.

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