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Relaxing with loved ones is certainly among the most common ways to be truly happy. Yet, statistics reveal that most parents don't spend enough time with their kids and most couples do not share much quality time with each other.

Everyone knows that spending time with loved ones makes them happy. There is hardly a single human being who can dispute this fact. Unless there are problems going on among the loved ones in question.

In my experience, there is only one thing that is better than spending time with loved ones and that is to spend time with yourself in meditation, relaxation or simply doing nothing.

It does take immense self confidence for someone to spend more time with themselves and enjoy it than do they with anyone or any other activity. But trust me when I say you haven't experienced pure ecstasy until you can openly communicate and relax with your soul.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Very true Sir. I always do like to spend my good time with my loved ones. Nothing can equal such good thing except for spending time with Self.

Yesterday, I had written an affirmation to nurture my Self, from then I am repeating it several times..... The affirmation is...

"I am beautiful by my deeds;
I am smart & strong;
I am free & fearless;
I am immune to criticism;
I am neither superior nor inferior;
I am equal to all;
I am powerful;
I can do all the good things I can;
I am happy for what I am;
I love my Self;
My dear most friend;
'My Self';
Thank you for all.

Just realized yesterday, before nurturing others Self, it is important to nurture my Self first. Hence decided to start with the good affirmation. I am in the voyage of making myself eligible as a good counselor.

Savio Savio
Very nice and precise affirmations, Gomathi, nurturing one's self is far more important than anything else. You are doing the right thing here. Wish you all the best for coming times.

Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you Sir

Dolphi Dolphi
We often think that if we work hard and amass wealth for a comfortable living later, we will be living in a fool's paradise. We have to find happiness here and now, and not seek it in some distant future. The circumstances of life change every minute; we never know what is in store for us tomorrow.

Kalpana Kalpana
True happiness comes as you said Gomathi when you love yourself and make yourself happy.What you feed your mind is most important Dolphi. Your tomorrow depends on how you feed your mind .Use your mind to bless,heal and inspire all people every where.Watch when you say.Never say"I will fail, I will lose my job.."Your subconscious cannot take a joke.It brings all these things to pass.

Mamta Mamta
I always wondered how people say they are bored or lonely,and realized that those people don't know how to spend time with themselves.I feel very restless when on certain days I am so busy that I don't get that time with myself.

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