Face To Face Chats Are Dead


It is almost impossible to walk into a coffee shop or college canteen and find people chatting away face-to-face like they did just a decade ago.

College girls these days hardly spend time talking with each other unless they are busy discussing their love lives or the latest gossip they heard. Of course, none of them bother verifying whether that particular story is actually true in the first place.

This is not a lecture on how you should or should not be living your life. This is not an advice post or a suggestion column either. This is my own research and my varied views being shared with an audience who has bothered to take the time and make the efforts to ramble through hundreds of our posts on Osovo. You are already a winner.

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Harpreet Harpreet
Yes it is a very sad affair. The other day i had gone out with my family for dinner and i was surprised to see that people instead of talking to each other were busy with their phones. What was the point of coming out if all they have to do was to be busy on their phones. It would have been better if they would have stayed home and chatted with each other on the phone. At least some interaction would have happen. There was a live music but no body was appreciating it. I enjoyed myself and i was the one to clap for the singer.

Savio Savio
Yes, the live performers deserve the applause. It is sad that no one else but your table was listening and appreciating the music.

Gomathi Gomathi
True Sir. With the find of cell phones & all other techno advancements, people are pulled into it's bog. One house, four family members, sitting in the same room, being in their own world of technology.......this is the state of maximum homes. What is the solution to get rid of this problem?? Awareness......awareness of the problems of too much addiction, learning to prioritize the need, meditation, getting back to face to face chat often. Face to face chat gives more space to understand one another good.

Savio Savio
You are right, Gomathi, awareness is the first major step that we must take to resolve this issue and bring back the good old times where friends and family would spend hours chatting face to face.

Kalpana Kalpana
Now I could know the importance of face to face chats and enjoying the same and trying to put all electronic gadgets away while spending with family and friends.Better late than never realizing the importance .

Savio Savio
Yes, Kalpana, it is always good to realise the importance of such things in time.

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