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I must tell you that it was claimed that possibly over half of Obama's followers on Twitter were fake. Imagine that, that guy probably won the elections 8 years ago just by creating Millions of fake accounts and profiles on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. Wonder if this is the case during this particular election as well.

It appears that none of the two candidates deserve to be standing for President but yet they both are standing up there on the stage, debating and campaigning like no man's business. It makes you wonder how our world is manipulated day in and day out by political leaders from around the world.

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Sheila Sheila
Truly said Sir. Many fake accounts in their names come out and people are so mad on following such fake accounts and leaders.

Some people feel the politicians more than God and worship them. It is so sympathizing to see such people. Few people commit suicide by jumping from tall buildings, when they came to know that the chief minister is admitted in hospital.

Till such foolish people exists, it benefits the politicians to play their game and mint money in this bargain.

Kalpana Kalpana
Almost all politicians are like this and its when we all realize the way they are getting elected ,we can do something

Dolphi Dolphi
Sometimes it is too late when we realize who is the real one and who is fake. I have heard a story that Obama and Osama were sitting side-by-side at the same barber shop, one having a haircut and another a beard-trim. They were so engrossed in thoughts that they let the golden opportunity of recognizing each other slip, until they left the salon and disappeared in the crowd.

Harpreet Harpreet
These days it is very difficult to say who is real and fake. Most of the politicians can stoop to any thing just to win elections. I always wonder how to find who is our well wisher and practices what he preaches.

Gomathi Gomathi
Not only Obama, almost all world politician cover their face beyond a mask. May be this political world demands such identity. Whatever be, the general public is the ultimate sufferer. Day in and day out, because of this fake drama, people are very much used to it, & they suspect the real ones. Evils everywhere, nothing can set right, expect another great revolution to sustain Dharma.

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