Falling For It


Most teenagers and youngsters fall in love with someone that makes them feel better about themselves. It's like a huge confidence boost being around that person.

Love is more a selfish emotion at that age since it tends to revolve around how the person we love makes us feel about ourselves when we are around them or thinking about them.

I have absolutely no respect for friends and peers who do not treat me right whenever I spend time with them. A bad host is always dumped!

Make sure that you treat your loved ones and close friends with loads of respect. Appreciate them for being around and spending time with you. Show them that you care by treating them like royalty.

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Gomathi Gomathi
I always have great great respect & love for my dears & nears. This quality of mine is my nature. If I do hurt someone, then my conscious pricks. So I be calm when something is not good. But to get to this stage of caring, 'I did lost many things'. Life always teaches the best things by losing something.

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