Fear Cripples Us


It's so true that a person who has seen a King Cobra will get really scared even when she or he sees a Python or even a rope lying on the road on a dark night. Our fears are what cripple us and stop us from taking little steps forward in the direction of our dreams.

I hope you enjoy these posts being shared with you today. I love sharing them with you. I know that it's not classic speaking and I might as well settle for a warm smile and a hug when I wake up tomorrow afternoon.

It was a fabulous day. It's a pity that we don't have more people who can truly open up their hearts and share what's inside with the rest of us. I love speaking from my heart and soul. That's the only way I know and that's what people love the most about me. Mostly.

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Kalpana Kalpana
True sir the fear of snake doesn't let us take a step on road .Yesterday we had to walk ,it was raining and my daughter saw a small snake pass by the other side of road,she was frightened to move .She saw for the first time and we had to walk for almost 2 kilometers to reach our place,it was dark and drizzling.I was trying to tell her fear will not let us take a step further ,when we have to reach our destination we should move on ,the same is our life too.
I love writing what I feel and speak the same sir.My students ,colleagues and everyone around me likes me for this reason and there are people who dislike me for the same reason too. But I never stopped as I love it.

Gomathi Gomathi
The greatest enemy of our self growth is our inner fear. This again shows the lack of intimacy with one's soul. When our soul is pure potentiality, then there will no reason to fear for anything on this Earth.

Actually, I am unfit to write this statement as myself is in the stage of overcoming a fear of my heart, but I also do realize my fear is trying to convey a message to me, sooner I will get to it, however realizing right the moment, fear is not a enemy, it is friend helping us to tune ourselves to the next
better level. My fear, please don't scare me, please teach your good lesson with love. Thank you.

Harpreet Harpreet
True, we are held back by our fears. Fear is not real it is a product of our thoughts. It is only when we face our fears we can be free from it.

Vinay Vinay
It is said that a cat who has fallen in hot water once, will fear even the cold water.
Once we get the fear of something, it is a bit difficult to remove, unless we really want to.
Fear, actually is, False Evidence Appearing Real!!

Mamta Mamta
I have learnt the hard way that fear of anything becomes a demon and follows us.We should try not give fear so much importance. More over, often times fear is only something we create in our mind.As for your post sir, they are very fulfilling and give us a chance to sit back and reflect on a whole life of aspects.

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