Fear Of The Dark


Many of us fear the dark. We need to gather more courage and have to convince ourselves to go into a dark room or dark environment. Fear of darkness is called Nyctophobia, Scotophobia or Lygophobia.

Most children develop a fear for darkness or night. But this fear usually decreases as they grow up. The reason for this fear is that since we can't see anything in the dark, our brain may send confusing signals and we anticipate trouble.

Exposure therapy is an effective method to treat this fear. Therapist finds out the reason behind this irrational fear and helps the person overcome his fear of darkness.

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Mamta Mamta
As a kid I was some times scared of the dark,but I self talked me into waitingfor at least 4-5 mins before switching on the light. Then I would tell myself 'see nothing happened'.Thus I overcame Nyctophobia

Gomathi Gomathi
Terrible was my childhood life because of my fear of darkness, and my two elder sisters added fuel to my fear. However, years after, I myself came out of such fear, but still, going in dark in some unknown place is a bit scary to me always.

Vinay Vinay
The elders who use darkness to frighten their young kids to get some work done also can be the reason for the fear of darkness.
That can be the same reason why some of us are frightened of police, even now.

Kirti Kirti
Even I was scared of dark when I was young. The brain can't assess anything clearly when it cannot see anything. And then it starts insinuating or imagining things. But I wonder why does it only think of dangers and negatives in the dark? Why not something good? Like chocolates lying on the floor instead of insects. Well, that's a mystery to me.

But, now I am no more scared of the dark.

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