Fears Of Tomorrow


You may not catch a minute of good sleep if you have the fears of tomorrow running through your mind. A person who has a house of wax is usually afraid of fire.

Habits of spending time in pity and sorrow usually lead us to stand like melting candles in a room full of fire. Putting fear into something will not help you enjoy that particular thing.

You cannot go about grasping a bird that you choose to frighten before you take a leap of faith in the hope that the result will be the precious bird in your tiny hands.

Give in to your emotions. Don't hold back and pretend to be brave. Fooling others is futile and fooling one's self is sad. Perhaps I have been trying to play little tricks on my mind and in the process I am feeling the emptiness of my own creation.

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Gomathi Gomathi
True Sir. When life is this moment, then why do we fear for tomorrow? Fear of tomorrow destroys the peace of present moment, & spreads unhappiness all around. To avoid fear of tomorrow, do your present action in the name of God with no expectations.

Kalpana Kalpana
Sir I was telling my husband the same when he left to Pune in the morning and to my colleague who lost her spouse recently.Happen to meet her today ,I told her to forget past as she faced too much of domestic violence and lost her husband as he committed suicide after they ended relationship a year back.I myself learnt from you sir not to fear for tomorrow and living now happily with satisfaction .By any chance I feel down your posts inspire me and rejuvenate me.Thank you for my letting my dream come true in service .It's because of your inspiring posts I could start early.

Harpreet Harpreet
Regrets of past and worrying about future doesn't let us live in the present. Most of the time things we worry about never happens. So it is best to stop worrying, for future will take care of the worries itself when it happens.

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