Feels Like Only Yesterday


Feels like it was only yesterday. A few good friends would meet up at a tea house named Bisma. It would normally be around 3pm in the Afternoon. Then the friendly waiter would come to our table and ask us what we wanted. Like we would order something new!

A few minutes later, a tea pot would arrive at our table. The droplets of water gently falling down the sides due to the hot tea inside. A sign that it was perfect for us. Then the magical moment.

The server would take each of our glasses and pour the tea inside. Then add a bit of milk and some sugar. We loved sitting there sipping on this unique blend of tea that they served at Bisma. We would spend hours there just chatting, listening to the jukebox and relishing some tea.

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Sheila Sheila
Really a relaxed life with friends around is great blessing. When coming like feels like only yesterday, it is very true.
Sometime back I thought there is 4 years for my retirement. Soon, it became 2 years and now it became 1 year. Very soon this will also get over.
Time runs fast. We feel it was only yesterday, but so much we have travelled in the journey of life.

Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, hope Bisma occupies a good space in your ever green memory list. Chatting with friends with heart's close place will always be a soothing moment. Unforgettable are those moments. May such memory nurture your self always Sir.

Vinay Vinay
Reading this post itself is relaxing, sir.
Meeting the friends itself is a nice feeling. Added to that is the tea time. How wonderful it would be!

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