Few Golden Lines

- Regularly check your weight, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
- Practice self-control and discipline in every aspect of your life.
- Practice good table manners.
- Drive a decent luxury car, not a fancy sports car.
- Manage your time wisely. Download 'Time Management 18' from Osovo in the near future.
- Be a lifelong learner and live your life to the fullest extent possible.
- Have good listening skills and use them daily.
- Keep a book of everyone's likes and dislikes.
- Have tremendous amounts of power in the form of will power.
- Understand that being alone is not being lonely.
- Don't waste your time looking back.

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Gomathi Gomathi
Thank you Sir for the golden lines. Every line is as pure as gold. We like to chew, taste & digest these golden lines. "Keep a book of others likes & dislikes", sounds unique & great, this way we can be able to talk to others on their likes & make them grow more by their very nature. Indeed it nurtures others self, which is a great blessing to us. Thank you Sir.

Sheila Sheila
Thank you for the Golden Lines Sir.
All of them are very useful to adhere to.
The first line, regularly check your weight, blood pressure and sugar levels... is a very important thing, which most of us, ignore and get into trouble later..

Thanks once again for the golden lines Sir.

Harpreet Harpreet
Thanks Sir for few more golden lines. I agree that we should drive a decent luxury car rather than expensive fancy car which is difficult to maintain. We have 2 cars Alto and Wagon r because i and my husband both of us require it and are not dependent on each other if we have to go for our work.

Kalpana Kalpana
Thank you for the golden lines sir,my husband and my daughter have fancy towards cars we had two initially,I sold mine when I had to move to Banglore and we have one for our family use now .It's a bigger one .As you said sir loneliness is not being lonely ,it is time when you don't have loved ones to share your feelings and when you cannot enjoy being alone in silence.

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