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Our lives are built up of various moments interwoven together into a fine work of art but we are potentially ruining our own masterpieces by worrying about this and that during the present moments.

The biggest joke about worry is that most of the things we worry about haven't even taken place. We worry about things completely out of our control. We worry about things that might happen in the future but haven't yet happened in reality and probably never will. We also tend to worry about things in the past.

Guilty feelings, deep regrets, mistakes of yesterday and errors of the last few moments tend to clog our thinking process in the now. Stop worrying. I know it's easier said that done. But you can easily change how you think through meditation. Spend time in silence and peace without thinking about anything at all. Simply focus on nothing!

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Harpreet Harpreet
True, worry does not solve a single thing rather it robs us of the present moment. Most of the time the things we are worried about doesn't happen but worrying takes away our joy and happiness of the present. We should learn to be in here and now because life is happening this very moment.

Gomathi Gomathi
Perfect Sir. I had been worrying great after my bro's loss......one fine day, my instinct warned me, you are distracting not only the life of yourself but also the soul of your bro.....this warning made me stop worrying of my bro's loss.....now I have turned my worry to bless him every time his thought comes to my mind. I am happy this way.

Sure worry will ruin one's life, I am the best example for it.

Kalpana Kalpana
3 Years in my life went with worrying of the problems I had to face without my involvement and knowledge.But now I learnt the importance of now am not concerned about past nor worry about the future.I am trying to accept everything that is happening around me slowly and making my loved ones in the same way .

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