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A crime cannot be called a crime until either the victim or someone in authority calls it so. If no charges are filed then the alleged one is free to go. As simple as that. In modern society, there are alleged criminals roaming free. Many are in power, some are working as CEOs of large organizations, while few are right inside our homes.

It's sad that human beings being nice by nature, allow our near and dear ones to commit crimes and walk free. Recently, statistics from reliable sources reveal that crimes against girls and children are on the rise like never before.

Most of these crimes are not even reported so the criminal (who happens to be the victim's parent, relatives or neighbor) still roams the world free as a flying bird in the blue sky. No hunter is shooting them down anytime soon.

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Sheila Sheila
Truly said Sir. There are many criminals, just walking away and even many respect them because they are rich. But on the other hand, if a poor man steals a bread from the shop, he is beaten and tortured. But many rich people steal money in the form of bribes, black money pocketing, for which there is no way of punishment. But one this is for sure, they can be happy now, but they have to face the judgement day by God. God sees everything. It may escape the human eyes, but not God. People should practice to speak to their conscience. Then they will get out of the guilt and mistakes. For each soul, god has given the conscience. Every act, we should stop and ask our conscience if we are right or wrong. Then, it will guide us perfectly.

Harpreet Harpreet
True Sir. Many of the crimes are not reported because they are committed by the known people. As a result these people becomes bold and keep on committing the crimes. I feel the victim is equally responsible for the rise in the crime. We have to give confidence to the children and to the women that any one like parents, relative or neighbour is doing something wrong they must report.

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