Gems Of Wisdom

- Take calculated risks in life but remember that a risk is a risk.
- Don't stop being creative till the day you die.
- Constantly practice your core skills and talents to keep getting better at them.
- Be patient, calm and relaxed at most times.
- Go fishing or camping with your kids twice or thrice each year.
- Don't work for other people. You should work for yourself.
- Love to have fun and relax after the sun sets.
- Be a highly romantic person.
- Travel to places far more often.
- Constantly keep your eyes on your purpose.
- Listen to music on the way home from work.

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Mamta Mamta
I do not follow most of these and so I am a happy and peaceful person.

Gomathi Gomathi
Sir, "Do not work for other people. But work for yourself".......I take this sentence in a positive way, even extending service to others is in a way nurturing our own inner Self. Am I right Sir??

And "Constantly be with your purpose"......needs awareness every moment. Working on it, sometimes, being with our purpose becomes a monotonous job, hope at this stage we need a diversion.

Savio Savio
Of course, Gomathi, being of service to other human beings is a good thing to do. These posts on Osovo though created mainly for others to benefit from them does also have a wonderful purpose of giving me something useful to do with my free time.

Mamta Mamta
Sorry I wrote 'do not' I meant to say I do follow most of these . Now this is one embarrasing moment

Gomathi Gomathi
Right Sir, indeed Osovo is helping us a lot. Everyday Osovo has become our daily reference book. Thank you for the incredible service.

Sheila Sheila
All lines are really Gems of wisdom.
To be practised by all.
Love them.
Thanks for making my day so lovely
with these gems...

Sheila Sheila
Listen to music on the way home from work.

I also listen to music on the way from home to work.
In the mornings during my journey in the car, is a good time for me to worship the Lord. There can't be a separate time for that. So, I used to have my journey time, in worshiping Lord. Playing the worship songs while I travel and sing along and praise Him. This makes a lot of difference to me, during my day, when I start my work in the office.
I get divine blessings and wisdom and guidance to do my work in harmony. Just wanted to share this to our team on the secret of my success.

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